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Camp Exploration Bus Schedule
Bus will leave Blue Rapids Elementary at 8:15am. Bus will return students who sign up for MORNING ONLY activities to Blue Rapids Elementary at 11:15am. Students, who sign up for AFTERNOON ONLY activities, will be picked up at Blue Rapids Elementary at 11:20am. AFTERNOON and ALL DAY campers who live in Waterville can be picked up at Waterville Elementary at 2:30pm. Those campers who live in Blue Rapids will return to Blue Rapids Elementary at 2:40pm.
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This summer at Camp Exploration a group of 3rd through 6th graders are hard at work learning the ropes of journalism. Mini Mustang Media is a weekly class that allows students to participate in lessons over photography, writing, and design. Each week students start off by divding into groups to take pictures in the different activities. They then choose the best pictures, plan a caption, interview the subject of the picture, and write . . . read more

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Jessie Zidek, staff, is in the process of making construction paper mosaic masterpieces. "We are learning about the history of mosaic art, and using different medias to represent different types of mosaic art (such as paper mosaic, or mosaic tile.)" Jessie is a helper in Mrs. Tryons 2nd grade room. She has been a staff member . . . read more

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The Field To The Table

Students learn about where their food comes from and they get to taste what goes on to the table. "We are learning about soybeans, rice, wheat, and corn," Evan Haines, 6th grade. Evan and Cade Zidek,6th grade, were getting seconds of the homemade fried rice from Haden Botkin, staff. They also got to try eating with chopsticks. . . . read more

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