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Basketball at Doniphan West Schedule:
3:30 JV girls (3/4)
4:30 JV boys (approximate)
6:00 Varstiy girls (approximate)
7:30 Varstiy boys (approximate)
All games the the high school in Highland.

We have added Cair Paravel in Topeka to our basketball schedule on February 20th at 6:00 PM, Varsity games only in Topeka.

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Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

The sophomore class gets rewarded for winning the coin war. On Wednesday November 19, during PLC, members of the sophomore class have a pizza party at Valley Heights High School. The pizza party was held during PLC instead of lunch due to health regulations. The coin war was a part of Valley Heights’ Relay for Life effort to raise money for cancer research. Each class 7th through 12th participated and the faculty. Students and . . . read more

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You Need to Stay Home

Sick season hits again at Valley Heights and students are staying home due to being sick.  Being sick is not fun, but neither is going to school, so what should you do if you’re sick?  “I couldn’t afford to miss any school, because then I would be behind and have lots of homework to make up,” Paige . . . read more

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Seniors Learn the 10 Amendments

Seniors get up in front of their classmates in English to do a speech on the Bill of Rights. Four days of research, in text citations, and piles of note cards went in to the three to six minute speeches. All of the seniors dressed up sharp, ready to present to Mrs. Yungeberg and the rest of the class. The Bill of Rights consists of the . . . read more

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