Romeo & Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

In March, the freshmen class began reading Romeo and Juliet. “Romeo, Romeo - wherefore art thou Romeo?” is one of the most well known lines in literature from one of the most famous scenes in Romeo and Juliet. Many people believe that Juliet is asking where Romeo has gone because she is missing him. However, Juliet is really asking why Romeo has to be a Montague.  Romeo and Juliet have just met for the first time at the party hosted by Juliet's parents - the Capulets. The party is over and she is saying this from her balcony and does not realize that Romeo is hiding below. Romeo finally reveals himself and the two of them begin to think about marriage.

Marriages, especially amongst the higher class people, were arranged during the time period in which Romeo and Juliet was written. The idea of arranged marriages was very common in order to establish wealth and power. Mr. Savage says, I’m pretty happy with the way the freshman class is taking this classic piece of literature. The reason why he is so proud of the freshman class is because it is mature for teens. Faye Jones also really likes to read the play. Harmony Conti also says that she enjoys hearing everyone read and try and speak like how they used to.

article by Jessie Bohlken