Parent FAQ about Continuous Learning Plan

How do I record and submit a video from my school issued ipad?
  • Open you Google Classroom and select the class.
  • Select the assignment for the video.
  • Select the up arrow at the bottom for your work.
  • Select "Add Attachment"
  • Select "Use Camera" -If asked, allow access to your camera and Mic.
  • Record your video.
  • After you are done recording your video, you can play it to review it, you can redo it by selecting "Retake" which will delete the video and start over or you can use it by selecting "Use Video" which will upload the video to Google Classroom. (This may take some time depending on how long the video is)
  • After the upload is done, you will need to select "Turn in" so the assignment will be marked as Turned In and the video will show up for the teacher to view.  

If you have already recorded your video and uploaded it to your Google Drive, there is an option to select from Google Drive instead of "Use Camera".

After an update on my ipad, the letters y and z have switched places on my keyboard layout.  how do i fix this?

  • On your iPad, find and tap on the "Settings" icon.  Select "General" on the left.  Select "Keyboard" on the right.  Select "Keyboards" on the right.  Select "English (US)" on the right.  Select "QWERTY" at the top right.  This will change the keyboard layout back to the default.  Now you can double tab the home button and swipe the window up to close it.

How do i move or change the location of the keyboard on my ipad?

Does my child need to bring his/her iPad in to the school to get the apps updated/installed?
  • No, the iPads only need to connect to Wifi with Internet access and the Mobile Device Management Server will update and push out apps as needed via the Internet.

How do I connect my child's school iPad to our Internet Wifi at home?

You can go to the following link for a step by step to get the iPad connected. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202639