CAFFEINATE AND EDUCATE. “Coffee. I have to start every morning with a cup of coffee,” says Mrs. Katie Brzon, the new Valley Heights Junior High English teacher. Mrs. Brzon grew up in Liberal, Kansas and then moved to Sublette, Kansas where she graduated high school. Later, she graduated from Fort Hays with a degree in Literature. Mrs. Brzon enjoys watching the Kansas City Chiefs every Sunday with her husband and two kids, Lawson and Bristol. 

In the spring of 2020 when Mrs. Brzon and her family were in the process of moving to north central Kansas, she heard that Valley Heights was looking for a junior high english teacher. She decided to apply for the open position. “Mr. Kenworthy and, at the time, Mr. Bergkamp seemed very welcoming.  Even though I live an hour away, I wouldn’t want to do anything else other than teach middle school english,” mentioned Mrs. Brzon.  

Mrs. Brzon especially appreciates the relationships she gets to make with her students. “Mrs. Brzon has made me realize that we should be thankful for being able to attend school and that we have each other,” says Anne Toerber, one of Mrs. Brzon’s 8th grade English students. 

Twenty-two morning cups of coffee into the Valley Heights school year, Mrs. Brzon continues to build relationships with her students everyday. 

Article by Catherine Toerber