Cade Zidek Senior of the Week

“You look for revenge, that way you start digging two graves.” Cade Zidek has always been a down to earth person and this quote from famous Karate Kid character, Keisuke Miyagi, is an ideal Cade strives to follow in his life. “I like this quote because often people look for revenge but in reality it only hurts the both of you.” 

Cade Richard Zidek was born September 2nd, 2002, to Jeannie and James Zidek. Along with his parents, Cade has two older sisters, Jessie and Gillian Zidek. Known as a kind and welcoming person, Cade has no shortage of friends. He reflects this attitude towards friendship by stating his perfect Friday night would be spent, “Chilling with the boys.” Those who know Cade recognize him to be a good person, but an even better friend. In his free time Cade enjoys listening to artists such as Crossfade and Wiz. 

After graduating from high-school, Cade has plans to study Mortuary at Kansas City Community College and has hopes of becoming a Mortician in the future. When asked where he sees himself in ten years, Cade answered, “Owning my own Mortuary.” It was this kind of confidence and determination that many admired about Cade. During his high school career Cade has been very involved in extracurricular activities, participating in Basketball and Football for all four years, FFA for three, and Cross Country and Track for two years. 

“Cade’s commitment to his post secondary goals have been very focused this year. If he continues with this mindset, I have no doubt he will realize his dreams.” Lynette Steele-Coon, teacher at Valley Heights. 

“Cade was really dedicated during football season, and wanted to make his team realize its full potential.” Wendell Smith, teacher/coach at Valley Heights. 

“Cade has shown a great deal of perseverance during his time at Valley Heights. He has fought through the difficult times and I am so proud of him graduating and pursuing his dreams through post secondary education.” Jennifer Yungeberg, teacher at Valley Heights. 

Article By Colton Crook