Trever Cooney SOW

Trever Cooney was born September 18th, 2002. His family consists of parents Tiffany and Robert Cooney, and older sister Sharia Cooney. In his free time Trever enjoys eating pizza and listening to “Survival” by Eminem. His ideal Friday night would be spent “cruising around”, and he enjoys taking it easy. After high school he plans on working, when asked where he sees himself in ten years Trever replied “Working a full-time job.” 

“Mrs. Haefke,” Trever answered when asked who has had the biggest impact on his life. “Because she has helped with my classes and prepared me to work outside of school.” Advice Trever would give to younger students would be to “Never get behind on your work.” Trever’s favorite high-school memory was “When I got to start working at Mustang Motors in the morning and then got a job there.” 

During his time at Valley Heights, Trever wasn’t involved in any extra-curricular activities. When asked who he wants to be remembered as when leaving the community, Trever replied with “The big kid that everyone wanted to play football.” 

Article by Colton Crook