Mrs. Kramer on the phone.

 “To get my sky diving certification, I need twenty eight jumps, I’ve done five so far.” Alora Kramer, Valley Heights’ new science instructor, has spared no effort to “jump” into the scene of being a new teacher. Graduated from The University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point in 2021, Mrs. Kramer is learning, along with her students, as she transitions from student to teacher. 

     Mrs. Kramer originally went to school to become a police officer, until one of her college professors suggested that she take a biology course. Taking that advice, Mrs. Kramer fell in love with the subject and changed her career path. As the butterfly effect worked its magic, Mrs. Kramer found herself here at Valley Heights. “I had never heard of Valley Heights, Blue Rapids, or even Waterville, so when I started looking for a job around here, I was really looking into the schools themselves. The handbook here at Valley Heights aligned with my beliefs, so I wanted to apply right away.” Mustang spirit didn’t take long to spread to Mrs. Kramer. Her only main challenge was getting to know all the new faces in her surroundings.

     Starting a new chapter in her life, Mrs. Kramer shared some of her long term goals. “My husband and I both talked about opening a Biology and Outdoor Learning Center. A hands-on course learning about life and the world around us.” As we help Mrs. Kramer along her journey, we also welcome her into the Mustang Family. Good luck Mrs. Kramer and we hope you end up loving this community as much as it loves you. 

Article by Taylor Crook and Kendelle Sweet