Mrs. Stevenson working on her computer.

DOING A 360. “I’ve always loved reading. There’s not really a book that I can’t figure out how to enjoy. I like learning different things from different books, so it doesn’t bother me if it’s nonfiction or fiction,” said Mrs. Lana Stevenson, the new Junior High English teacher. Mrs. Stevenson is a proud mother to five children, and wife to Tim Stevenson. Prior to being a Junior High English teacher, she taught Kindergarten for 19 years and sixth grade for five years. 

 Mrs. Stevenson attended Emporia State University, majoring in education. High hopes of being a secondary English teacher, she had a full 360 and began her career in Kindergarten. After teaching Kindergarten for 19 years in Marion, KS Mrs. Stevenson and her family moved to the Valley Heights community. She began her journey at Valley Heights, teaching sixth grade for five years. When the Junior High English job became available, she was then approached by administration and offered the position . Excited to try something new, she took up the offer. With the first week underway, Mrs. Stevenson said, “I am really enjoying this new position even though I am still getting my procedures and expectations set up.” 

Article By: Maecyn Gunn and Taya Smith