World History Class Posing On Top of National World War 1 Museum

A TRIP TO THE PAST. “I am very excited. I think it will be interesting to see what the soldiers had to go through and how tough it was for them. I also can’t wait for the bus ride, ” said Gavin Crowder, Freshmen. The World History class visited the National World War Ⅰ Museum in Kansas City on February 8. At the museum, the class got to explore the history of the war that changed everything. The museum displays anything from the clothes they wore to the tanks they used. The 498 Education Association was kind enough to help provide a charter bus for the students. 

When asked what his favorite thing about the museum was, Chad Bargdill said, “I loved the field of poppies that represented the deaths of all the soldiers.” On the way home the class grabbed a bite to eat. “My favorite part was the truck stop. I enjoyed my Dunkin Donuts and Taco Bell. The shop was pretty cool too, they had lots of cool trinkets,” said Stella Martin. 

 Article By Kadence Pierson