K.Martin at the Christmas Concert

TOOT YOUR HORN. On January 20 to 22, K-State holds their annual Concert Band Clinic for high school students across Kansas. Valley Heights sent six high school band students to the event, Randolph Faith, John Heafke, Carter Germann, Lillian Busey, Kloee Martin, and Harmony Conti. Once they arrived at K-State on Friday the 20th, the students auditioned and were placed into their bands. There were six bands, each with 100 students, and Valley Heights was represented in three different bands. Randolph, John, and Kloee were all in the Mueller band, Harmony and Lillian were in the Axelson band, and Carter was in the Cosenza band.

Every student made amazing memories that they will cherish forever. Lillian says “My favorite memory was getting to play music that I never would have heard without this clinic.” Randolph loved the memories he made outside of rehearsals, like going to the Dusty Bookshelf and having dinner all together. 

Although the weekend was short, everyone had a great time. Ben Worcester, Valley Heights band director, says next year he hopes to take 10-12 students to Concert Band Clinic. “This was an amazing opportunity and I can't wait to go again next year.” says Lillian.

Article By: Harmony Conti