Addy Bargdill posing in her Senior Pictures

I WILL BE A LEGEND. “I won’t be a rockstar, I will be a legend.” This quote by Freddie Mercury speaks to Addy Bargdill because it shows that you need to keep your dreams high and ahead of you.

Born in Waterville, Kansas. Addy Bargdill is the daughter of Rachel and Brandon Bargdill. She is the oldest of five children, Chad, Eli, Ava, and Olivia. When given the chance, her ideal night out would be simply hanging out with her friends. While hanging out, she prefers to listen to the song “Let it Be” by the Beatles, and enjoying her favorite food, pasta.


Addy has been a part of Art for two years, FCA, and Golf for one year. Addy’s favorite memory from High School is when she fell in gym class and got a good laugh out of everyone.. In ten years, Addy sees herself out of state and possibly in New Jersey. Her dream is to live a good life, major in marketing, and simply, be happy.

 Addy says that the biggest influence on her life has been her mother. Her mom runs her own business and is a very talented woman. Her advice to underclassmen is don’t overthink and just relax, “It’s not that big of a deal, and if it is, just relax and keep your head up.” When Addy leaves the Valley Heights community she wants to be remembered as someone with spunk and a unique coolness to her.

When asked about what kind of person Addy is, her mentor Mrs. Critchfield says, “Addy’s the kind of person who is always happy, and has a willingness to help others.” Many things set Addy apart from others here at Valley Heights. “She has a really big personality that is very infectious and fun to be around,” says Critchfield. In ten years, She sees Addy being successful in any business venture she sets her mind to. She leaves Addy with this word of advice, “Make sure you keep hard at work, and keep your mind set and you will go so far, I know it.” As Addy leaves Valley Heights after graduation, she wants to be remembered as a legend.

Article By: Tyrel Wagner