On September 11th 2017, the Valley heights Journalism Staff (j-staff) traveled to Salina, KS to participate in a Josten's Journalism Workshop. The journalism staff, including Co-Editor, Kayla Smith, sr., Konner Treff, jr., Jeremy Reed, jr., Mydajah Little, so. and Elijah Caswell, so. along with six other schools learned the proper way to design and represent their upcoming yearbook.

Konner Treff, new yearbook staff learned, “It is important to take candid pictures when photographing people and events.” The staff also learned how important it is to keep a yearbook thorough, yet not cluttered nor confusing. They also reviewed the importance of making sure everyone in the junior and senior high school is represented in the yearbook at least three times which is referred to as coverage. The j-staff felt a sense of pride in their 2017 50th Anniversary book, as they claimed 100% coverage of their student body.

            During the presentations, the staff members worked with the Josten's designer on their 2018 cover and theme, as described by Mydajah Little, new journalism staff member, “My favorite part of the workshop was when we got to work with the Josten's yearbook designer to create our 2018 yearbook cover.”

Early sales of the 2018 yearbook, which will include an incentive of free personalization,will start October 1st.

Article by: Elijah Caswell