Managementstudyguide states, “Leadership is an important function of management which helps to maximize efficiency and achieve organizational goals.” Valley Heights FCCLA, “Family Career Community Leadership of America” strives to reach these goals by going to Fall Leadership Conference to continue to gain more knowledge on leadership skills.

Fall Leadership Conference was held at Washington High School on Wednesday November 1st. Valley Heights members started the day off with a themed skit to promote joining FCCLA. Dalton Joseph, Sr. said it best, “I’ve really enjoyed being in FCCLA over my high school years.” Members participated in multiple leadership training activities while at workshops throughout the day, along with getting to listen to a keynote speaker, Bill Cordes about how energy carries people through life.

During the conference, District D Officers asked the audience to participate in a quick two minute fundraiser to donate to the FCCLA scholarship fund. At the end of the day it was announced that 200 dollars was raised. FCCLA partnered with KSDS “Kansas specialty dog services” to bring items to benefit not only the dogs but staff. District D clubs brought items from dog toys to copy paper to donate to the nonprofit organization. “It was a great experience to learn new leadership skills through the guest speaker and the whole day in itself, I really enjoyed it!” said Brandi O’Mara, Jr.

 Article by: Rosa Blaske