Since 1971, the KU Alumni Association has been honoring thousands of Kansas high school seniors with the KU Honor Scholar Award. In their first year the association honored 1,000, compared to this year when they will honor approximately 3,500 students from 362 schools from all 105 counties in Kansas. On November 15, three Valley Heights seniors, Shea Manley, Kayla Smith, and Bryan Yungeberg, received the KU Honor Scholar Award. Manley and Yungeberg attended the ceremony at Salina Central High with their families on Wednesday night. At the ceremony, members from the KU Alumni Association spoke to the students about their award and also the next step from high school to college. After the speeches each student was called up on stage to receive their medal. Students and families in attendance were able to talk with other students and have refreshments. Manley said, “I thought the ceremony was good and for all of us to receive this award was a great accomplishment”.