Did you keep it?

DID YOU KEEP IT? It is a tradition to make a goal for each year, getting a new diet, try for better grades, and going to a gym are all common resolutions.  When students were asked about what for their New Year’s resolutions were they said:

 “Last year my resolution was to be kinder to the people around me, and I think I have… next year I am probably going to have the same resolution.” Rylie Borgerding

“My news year’s resolution was to get better grades, which I have kept… I do not know what mine will be for next year though.” Chase Morris, 8th grade.

Hanna Yoder 11th grade answered, “I do not remember my resolution for last year, but my next one is to get better grades for college\University.”

Brandi Dobrovolny answered, “I did not have a new year’s resolution this year, to be honest… Though I do know that I will set one focused on college for 2018.”

Jeremy Reed said, “I don’t remember my resolution but I want to get in shape for the upcoming track season.”

“I wanted to get straight A’s, but I didn’t. I think the reason was that I slacked off a little too much… Next year though, I want to try to become a nice person.” said Mydajah Little

Article by Elijah Caswell