TESTING JITTERS. According to The National Center for Education Statistics, the nation’s average ACT score for both male and female is a 21 out of a possible 36. On December 9th, students from Valley Heights and Marysville alike took the ACT, or College Admissions Test at Valley Heights. The test was administrated by Barbara Buck and Alex Nolte. “I have been administrating the test for fifteen years. I don’t think people, especially students understand how high-stake and important this test is and all the security we have to follow,” says Nolte.

The test is made up of four parts, English, Math, Reading, and Science with an optional Writing section. “Math was definitely the hardest for me and I am planning on taking it again my senior year so I can go to college after a few years in the military,” says Junior, Brandi O’Mara.

To help prepare the students to take the test, Valley Heights offers an ACT-Prep Class that teaches strategies, tips, and common questions on the past exams for all sections. This is taught by April Gee and Brandy Turner. Scores from this test will come out as early as December nineteenth. The next possible date for students to take the ACT is on February tenth.