In order to help students be more successful at Valley Heights, a new seminar format has been created to decrease the number of missing assignments and reward the students who have none.

“I think the new seminar format has really helped me as well as my classmates. Plus, we have a lot less missing assignments at a whole,” says Junior, Madisen Hanson. The new organization process begins with all students report to the commons at the beginning of seminar. Then, they check in with their seminar teacher and are told to either go work on their missing assignments in that particular class, or stay in the commons to work on homework and chat with friends. The students who are all caught up on work also have the opportunity to work in the library for a quieter environment.

“This was brought up by Mrs. Gunn, Mrs. Martin, and Mr. Kenworthy in order to combat the astronomical amount of missing assignments. It was really created to assist those student who were having trouble and to reward those who were getting their work done. It gives the students more decision and puts them in a place to be successful,” says Speech and Drama teacher, Mrs. Coon. Overall, the new seminar system is helping many students, no matter their situation, and teachers as well.