This year, the All-School Play is absolutely electrifying. Director, Lynette Coon, has come up with some very exciting additions to “Stocking Stuffers.” This year, music and dance have been added to the play. Dance rehearsals began with a bang earlier this month with a morning practice at the High School, donuts included. 

      When asked about his favorite aspect of the play, actor, Tyrel Wagner, said, “being in the moment with my characters is the best.” He goes on to say that in order to spice things up compared to last year, he is making his characters more animated and more like caricatures. 

      Everything is beginning to fall into place for the actors. There is only a little more fine tuning left to do. The play will be on November 12th, 13th at 7pm, and 14th at 2pm. The Waterville Opera House is now handicap accessible.