Parker Linslow Football


     “There may be people that have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.” This quote is by Derek Jeter, a professional shortstop player. While their work may not be as apparent at face value, managers are vital for keeping the Football Team on task, from preparing water with ice for players, to filming the game for documentation and training of the players. Managers make sure that the team is ready for anything that may happen.

     Parker Winslow’s role is not dissimilar to that of Coach Trimble. He makes sure that managers and ball boys are working and always pitches in to run it smoothly. For Parker, practice starts as soon as school gets out at 3:25 pm, getting water ready for the players and moving equipment over to the practice fields. All in all, this simple compared to game day.

  Game Day is a large undertaking. Most games involve one to one and a half hours of preparation before the bus even leaves. From gathering supplies, ranging from markers to two pull-along trailers full to the brim with supplies, the managers are always busy. As soon as the bus stops the managers help carry towels and spare equipment to the locker room. On the field, the headsets, what the coaches use to communicate with the offensive directors, have to be hooked up and tested. The filming equipment needs to readied. As the game starts and the players take the field, there is always water ready. Once the game ends, the managers rush to gather everything up, returning it to the trailer and then back home. 

     Parker Winslow said “As a manager, I will do things for the football boys before I do things for myself.” This shows his absolute dedication to the football boys. He understands that he is a part of the team and strives to always do his best, until the season is finally over.