Valley Heights Journalism hasn't missed a beat this year. With 15 total journalists, they have been capturing around 4,500 pictures a month. Taylor Crook is one of the many. For her day in the life of a journalist consists of: 

“Journalism is composed of a lot of independent work that you have to be responsible for. Each month, every member of J-Staff has to do a Camera of the Day. That is carrying one of our many cameras and taking pictures of the classes/people we see, we have to take at least 100 pictures. If it's my camera of the day, I will go to Mrs. Coon’s room and get the camera I signed out for. It's best to do this before school starts, so you don't interrupt any class time. During journalism class, we do many things, such as calling businesses for advertisements in the yearbook. We also do billing, photo organization, and yearbook management. One of the most important things I do as a journalist is writing articles. Every member of J-Staff writes three articles a month. My job is to research stories or events that I want to write about. It can range from an upcoming event, to an exclusive interview with a student/teacher. My newest article was about Emma Brungardt and her Rodeo. It's more than a class, it's more like a lifestyle. One of the things I do outside of school for journalism is outside activities. Outside activities are going to events that go on out of school hours and taking pictures. Some of the outside activities I've covered have been a Jr. High football game and the Art Club BBQ. It may seem like a lot of work, but in the end I love being involved.”

Article by: Kaylee Skalla