A. Steinfort, M. Crowder


“Always make the audience suffer as much as possible,” says famed director, Alfred Hitchcock. The History of Film Studies class has been studying Hitchcock’s works, Vertigo and Rear Window, for the last two weeks. 

When asked who her favorite character was, Senior, Melia Crowder said, “definitely Madeleine, the rich lady in Vertigo.” Without going into too much detail, the big conspiracy that takes place in Vertigo was the most surprising thing to Melia. She says, “It’s a close call, but Vertigo was definitely my favorite film.”

The Film Studies class taught by Lynette Steele-Coon has been studying classics and some of the top 50 films rated by IMDB. Other films studied are Citizen Kane, The Godfather, GWTW, and Rashomon, to name a few.

Article by Aiden Nemechek