‘TIS THE SEASON. The Junior High Basketball season is coming full swing ahead. Coaches for the boys are Adam Schreier and Alex Nolte, and the coaches for the girls are Mandy Meadows and Kayla Vallin. 

 Both teams are seeing an insane amount of students going out for basketball. Kinsley Gillig, eighth grader, says, “I have good hopes for the team, I think it is going to be a good season. I am thrilled to see how well we work together.” The Girls team has 17 girls out this year. They also have a new head coach Kayla Vallin. Kinsley Gillig also says, “ She is pushing us to make us better.”  

Everson Parker, 7th grader, says, “ I’m thrilled to learn new things, and play new teams that I haven’t played yet. Already this season we have had great plays and even though we have played a game, we are excited.” The boys’ team also is seeing great numbers with 15 boys out for basketball. The Junior high teams had their first games this Thursday against Clifton-Clyde. The girls’ team fell to Clifton-Clyde 45-16, and the boys’ also fell to Clifton-Clyde 45-10

 Article by: Lilly Busey