Hallie's senior of the week.

“You are successful the moment you start moving toward a worthwhile goal.” This quote, by actor Charles Carlson, is Hallie Borgerding’s favorite quote, mainly because she knows that once you start to go for your dream, then you will begin to see progress and a successful outcome.

Hallie Mae Borgerding was born on May 14, 2004 to Matthew and Amber Borgerding. Hallie has one older sister, Rylie Borgerding. Hallie has been involved in many school activities, including Art Club for one year, All School Play for one year, FFA for four years, FCCLA for one year, Dance for one year, and 4H for eight years. Hallie always gives full attention to all the clubs and/or activities.

Hallie’s ideal Friday night consists of a late night working in her shop. She also enjoys working in the field. Hallie’s favorite high school memory so far is when she and some of the FFA members went to Indianapolis, Indiana for the 2021 FFA National Convention. “I had a blast spending too much money with Brooke and being chased around town by a clown,” says Hallie. 

Many people have impacted Hallie’s life, but the most impactful has been her dad, Matthew Borgerding. Hallie says, “He is constantly working just to make my sister and I’s dreams come true. He always gives us the best and he has taught me everything I know about farming.”  Hallie is very grateful that she has such a great role model and father figure. 

Hallie’s plans for the future are to attend college to major in animal science. After she graduates, Hallie sees herself running a large cattle operation or owning her own vet clinic in ten years.  Some advice Hallie has for the underclassmen is, “English with Mrs. Yungeberg is easy, as long as you get your work done and don’t wait until the last minute. There is a lot of work, but you just need to learn time management and use all the class time that you are given.” Hallie’s mentor and agriculture teacher, Mr. Obermeyer's advice to Hallie after high school is, “Never stop chasing your dreams and challenging everyone around you to be better everyday.”

By: Kendelle Sweet