A DAY IN THE LIFE OF MELISA KENNEDY. Working with kids and being able to help students succeed is one of my favorite parts about my job,” said Mrs. Kennedy. She is the current superintendent at Valley Heights High School. Mrs. Kennedy had previously been an elementary teacher for 21 years and an elementary principal for 3 years. She finished her bachelors degree at K-State University, then started on her masters degree in 2016. She then proceeded to get her district leadership license.

 “The success of our graduates, their happiness, and the relationship students have with their teachers is what makes an effective school program.” Mrs. Kennedy says, “Covid has been one of the biggest challenges in our district.” Her vision is that someday all of the students are going to be together and she will be able to make students feel like they belong here, regardless of academics.  Her daily life consists of a pretty busy schedule, from school board meetings to helping students and making sure everything runs the way it's supposed to be, along with solving problems. Mrs. Kennedy says, “Even after all the challenges the school faces, I’m still very happy to be part of the Valley Heights community.”

Article by: Michelle Sandoval