A few of the Figure pieces done in charcoal.

     Audrey Nordquist said, “ I love learning about the human figure and how different each position is, it really makes you take a step back and see them through different eyes”. Currently the Intermediate Art class here at Valley Heights has been working with the human figure, learning more about how to draw and compose them. But before they were able to start their Choice Figure Project, they went through many smaller lessons to gain a better understanding on how to go about this process. Lessons such as recreating pictures of dancers, drawing your fellow classmates, and foreshortening. “All of these activities are to help develop the students' understanding on how the human body moves and how big proportions really need to be,'' said Mrs. Smith, the art instructor here at Valley Heights. 

     The students have been working hard to get their projects done before school is out for Christmas Break, and their dedication has really shown! Brooke Porter, a Sophomore in Intermediate Art, says, “I have been working my hardest all the way up until the bell rings everyday in class and I know my project will show for it!” As the students finish up their art pieces, they will soon be displayed in the school hallways for all students to see and admire. The figure project is one of the many interesting subjects the art classes here at Valley Heights do during the year, and there are many more to come!

Article by Taylor Crook