8th grade boys


Everyone’s life consists of different things. Josie and Gavin show two different sides of daily life as an eighth grader.

Josie Parker describes her day like this, “I wake up around seven every morning, eat breakfast, and if the colts are in their pen I feed them.” Josie’s school day starts out in Intro to Ag, Intro to Human Services, Social Studies, English, and ends the day with basketball practice. “After school, I sometimes pick up my sisters from school, then I go home to do chores and help my dad around the farm.” Josie says her favorite class is Social Studies with Mr. Hall because she likes learning about our world’s history and likes Mr. Hall as a teacher.

Gavin Crowder starts his day at seven in the morning, five days a week. Gavin’s schedule goes; Science, Math, Social Studies (his favorite class), English, School Connect, AG, Intro to Human Services, and then basketball practice. “After school; I come home and hangout for a while, hangout with my friends, or go shoot hoops outside. 

Article by Kaylee Skalla