Students Decorating Hallway.

Valley Heights High School is celebrating Christmas this week in several ways. One of the most popular activities that Valley Heights does is door decorating. In each seminar, the students come up with an idea on how they would like to decorate their door to make it festive. This activity also helps to get the students into the Christmas spirit. “Working with everyone in my seminar to be creative was definitely my favorite part of the decorating,” said junior Addy Bargdill. After the doors were decorated, they were judged and prizes were given out to the winner of each category: most Christmas spirit, most creative, and biggest display. “It was very surprising. For our prize, we got a cake which ended up working out because we had a Christmas party during seminar, so it was just a little more food to eat,” said Hayley Nemechek, one of the students of a winning seminar.

Article by: Kendelle Sweet