band playing

PLAYING IN THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT. “Mild he lays his glory by,” Hark the Herald, verse three. Every year, the Valley Heights Jr/Sr High School Band and Vocal perform a Christmas Concert. This year, the Christmas concert was on December 20. The band and vocal members put a lot of time and effort into getting ready for the concert. Band director, Mr. Worcester, made this year’s program extra special. He wrote a composition of music for the band and vocal members to sing and play at the same time. “The piece is called Glory By. Glory by is my favorite line from Hark the Herald. It took me around 12-20 hours to compose the piece. I spent weekends and evenings, but I love doing it! I plucked around on the piano for a while and had to make sure that everyone’s parts matched up,” Mr. Worcester says. “The concert was a success and the students did really well. I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s families and everyone there,” Mr. Worcester. 

The conclusion of the concert put many into happy spirits. “There were not many Christmas-related songs, but it made me happy,” says Lawson Stryker, Junior High Band member. The band has made many other appearances, at sporting events. “My favorite thing about band is being with your friends, while playing music,” says Lawson. 

Article by Taya Smith