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NAUGHTY OR NICE. According to the website Capitol Counselor, the average American tends to spend approximately $886 on Christmas gifts. Families celebrate Christmas in different ways with a variety of traditions. When you ask most children what their favorite thing about Christmas is they will usually respond with “opening presents.” Each year, there tends to be a “hot item” or the “item of the year.” In 2019 it was Apple Airpods, in 2020 the Roku Streaming Stick was the most popular item, and this past Christmas of 2021 Apple Airpods won the most popular item again.

 Valley Heights students were surveyed and most enjoyed gifts from the “electronics,” category. A new phone was the “hot item” of the year at Valley Heights.  However, Hayley Nemechek says, “my favorite gift was a promise ring.” Although many students loved the gifts they received, the memories made held more value to individuals. Harmony Conti goes on to prove this by saying, “I enjoy spending the holidays with my family and friends. I love being able to give gifts to the people I cherish most.” 

Article By: Maecyn Gunn