SEMINAR’S BOREDOM BUSTER. Greek scholar Cicero once said, “A room without books is like a body without a soul.” Book clubs have now been implemented into our weekly Valley Heights schedule. Last week, students picked what book club they would be in via google forms during their seminar. 

There is a high number of students and staff who think positively about book clubs. When asked, most students said that they liked book clubs simply because they got to pick which book they got to read. Takotah McLeod, 8th grader, said, “One thing I like about book clubs is that I don’t have to do AR points.” He also expressed that he was concerned about his classmates by saying, “I think the missing assignment list will definitely grow because there is less time during seminar to complete assignments.” 

The staff also think that book clubs are a positive addition to the Valley Heights schedule. Most staff members enjoy seeing students read more. Mrs. Oatney, librarian and book club host, said, “I like that I get to see students that I don’t normally see on a regular basis.” After she was asked if she would choose book clubs over seminar, she said, “I see students sit there with nothing to do during seminar, and book clubs make use of that time.” 

Article By: Robert Limon