CONTEST. “I had an amazing time making my ceiling tile with Catherine and it was a lot of fun,” says Claire Nolte, senior. The TVL art contest was held on Friday, March 25 at Doniphan West High School. Several Valley Heights art students attended the contest and represented our school. The students that attended the art contest were Claire Nolte, Mackenzie Nordquist, Zoe Flood, Catherine Toerber, Maecyn Gunn, Kendelle Sweet, Addy Bargdill, Taylor Crook, Dakota Gillig, and Taya Smith. The Valley Heights art classes brought a total of 68 art pieces to contest. The pieces ranged from the classes of beginning, intermediate, and advanced art. Several students brought home ribbons from the contest.

Individual students who brought home ribbons were: Taylor Crook, two 2nd place ribbons; Hayley Nemecheck, one 1st place ribbon; Mason Winslow, two 1st place ribbons; Kayla Bigham, one 3rd place ribbon; Sam Caswell, one 1st place ribbon; Kortlyn Witchman, one 2nd place ribbon; Dakota Gillig, two 1st place ribbons; Catherine Toerber, one 3rd place ribbon; and Claire Nolte, one 1st and 2nd place ribbons. 

Many groups from Valley Heights also participated in the on-site contest. Mackenzie and Zoe participated in the ceiling tile contest, along with a group of Claire and Catherine. Addy, Taylor, and Kendelle participated in the chalk contest, as well as the group of Maecyn, Dakota, and Taya. “I enjoyed being part of the chalk contest with Taya and Dakota. 

I had lots of fun and learned a lot. I also enjoyed seeing all of the art pieces across the TVL and was happy to see many of our pieces bring home ribbons,” says Maecyn Gunn. The artwork that was taken to the contest at Doniphan West is now on display at the Waterville Library and able to be seen by the public. 

Article by Taya Smith