color wheel.


     “Babies start seeing colors at around five months old, and red is the first one to come through.” states Just because red is the first pop of color we see in the world, doesn’t mean it’s everyone’s favorite. In fact, the most popular color in the United States is blue, which is the opposite of red on the color scale. There are many different and unique colors in this world and you would be surprised by which ones people claim to be their favorites. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular colors of both students and staff here at Valley Heights. 

     A total of 50 students and staff throughout the school were surveyed on their favorite color. Valley Heights seems to follow the trend of the general consensus of America when it comes to the most popular color. With an overwhelming total of nine votes, blue has come out on top. Tying for second place, both with seven votes, was light purple and red. “Light purple is just so beautiful and soothing, that's why it just has to be my favorite!” said Kaylee Skalla, Junior. A grand total of eleven different colors were voted on in this poll. Among the colors that had not already been mentioned were green, black, brown, orange, yellow, dark blue, dark red and gray.

    Kaci Smith, the Art Instructor at Valley Heights, has much experience with colors being an art teacher and yet still has a favorite. “Orange is my favorite color, I love how it makes me feel,” said Kaci Smith. A school filled with unique personalities and also an array of favorite colors. This is just one of the many surveys that will be held throughout the rest of this year. Keep your eyes open and maybe you'll be included in the next poll too!

Article by Taylor Crook