jh track boys


The Valley Heights Junior High track team has been grinding it out in practice since the beginning of March. Practice has been indoor because of bad weather, causing kids to not be able to work on field events as often. Despite hardships, these 51 athletes are motivated to stay at it. Their first meet was on Monday, March 28th at Washington. Coach Nolte says, “the eighth grade boys and girls took second place out of nine teams. This grade has a lot of talent, with multiple experienced and skilled competitors.” 

Aiden Unruh is a seventh grader in track; he competes in long jump, hurdles, 4 by 1, and the medley relay. Last Monday, Aiden jumped 15’ 2” placing fourth in long jump, ran 18.2 seconds in the hurdles for first place, was disqualified in the 4 by 1, and ran a 2:43 minute medley with Charlie Warders, Elliot , and Everson Parker. When asked what Aiden’s goal for this year is, he responded by saying, “winning the medley each time with my friends.” 

Mia Vermetten is an eighth grader involved in track this year, she competes in high jump, discus, the 800, and the medley. At the first track meet Mia finished very well. She jumped 4 '8'' in high jump placing first, threw 87 feet placing second, in the 800 she ran a 2:43 minute and placed first, and ran the medley in 2:09 minutes with Josie Parker, Kaitlin Hemry, and Krista Porter. When Mia was asked what she would like to accomplish this season she said, “get a better time for the 800 and overall improve each meet.” Mia’s favorite part about track is cheering on her teammates and her teammates supporting her right back. 

When Coach Nolte is asked what he is looking forward to accomplishing this year he said, “it is fun to see kids set PR’s so hopefully we will see a lot of those. I would also like to see the eighth grade girls and boys win the league track meet. A suntan would be nice too!”

Article By Kaylee Skalla