Cast of "Tuckered"

TUCKERED. “Fast-paced and clever, the classic fairytale is turned inside-out and on its head as our heroes set out on a high-speed, comedic adventure to finally find some shuteye,” writes playwright Matthew K. Begbie about his play “Tuckered.” This year the Valley Heights Jr. High Drama Class will be performing this play. The cast members in order of appearance are: Rilo Shill as Stewart, Calvin Steinfort as Prince Willop, Callie Schmidt as Queen Cordelia, Jeffery Sprauge as King Duncan, Abigail Thorn as Sir Fern, Harmony Conti as Sir Fellows, Ava Smith as Penelope, Kinsley Gillig as Madam Mosni, Dino Conti as Cain, and Rylie House as both the narrator and townsperson.

         This light-hearted play has a fantasy setting and is centered around lifting a curse from the poor Prince Willop. This tale of royals, knights, witches, and curses will be performed at the Valley Heights High School on Drama Night, April 20th, at 7pm.

Article by Aiden Nemechek