“Dance like nobody's watching; love like you've never been hurt. Sing like nobody's listening; live like it's heaven on earth.” This is a famous quote by William Watson Purkey that Elle lives by, especially the beginning, ‘dance like nobody’s watching.’ Elle reminds herself of this quote all the time and it always makes everything better. Elle hopes to leave Valley Heights remembered as a good role model and a leader in dance and cheerleading. 

Elle Brooks was born on May 25, 2004 to Candice and Kyle Brooks and has one older brother, Drayton. Throughout high school, Elle has been involved in many different extracurriculars; Cheer and Dance for four years, KAY’s and FCCLA for three years, NHS, band, and volleyball for two years, and StuCo for one year. She says, “my favorite memory was sophomore year after state volleyball when me, Taya, Abigail, and Macy were at Freddy’s. Taya was about to throw away a chicken strip and told me it was bad. I ate it and it tasted fine, but then she told me she put it in her mouth and spit it back out.” Elle enjoys listening to Morgan Wallen and loves all of his songs. She also enjoys eating at Tex Mex and loves their enchiladas and cilantro lime rice. Her ideal Friday night would be cheering at football games, going to fifth quarter, and hanging out at the square after. 

“All of my classmates have made the biggest impacts on my life. As we have grown up together, we have learned to be good classmates, teammates, and friends. I believe that my classmates have helped build my character throughout the years. Without them, I may not be the person I am now,” says Brooks. Elle plans to attend K-State for four years and study business entrepreneurship and innovation. She advises underclassmen to not worry so much about school work all the time and focus more on the things you like the most. Get involved in everything you can. Time will fly so you might as well enjoy the short time you have.

When asked what type of person Elle is, Mrs Schreiner responded by saying, “Elle has a quirky personality and when she is passionate about something, she is all in. She definitely makes me laugh in the classroom with her witty comebacks, but getting to know her outside of the classroom has been one of the highlights of my teaching journey so far. She makes me laugh on the daily, whether that is passing me in the hallway doing our handshake or her calling me by my summer camp nickname. I wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavors!”

Article by: Kaylee Skalla