aiden senior picture


“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters” Albert Einstein. To Aiden, this quote means to always be certain before you act lest you make the wrong assumption.

Aiden Dale Nemechek was born July 17, 2003, and is the son of Melanie and Darren Nemechek, and has three younger brothers: Hudson, Osric, and Calahan. Aiden grew up with the main influence of his grandfather who taught Aiden work ethic, integrity, honesty, and family values. His favorite memory was one of his earliest birthdays, eating angelfood cake with his great grandmother. Aiden has participated in many clubs and activities including: Journalism, All School Play, NHS, StuCo, Scholars Bowl, Forensics, Cross Country, and Track. He plans to go to a college for Engineering or Psychology but is not certain on what he will do. Jordan Broxterman, Aidens Government teacher, has very positive feelings for Aiden “Aiden is very knowledgeable and inquisitive, which makes him a nice person to have conversations with.”

“Aiden takes a leadership role, is eager to help other people in the classroom, and is diligent with deadlines,” said Aiden’s Mentor, Lynette Steele-Coon. Aiden’s advice to students is to take days step by step and eventually it will add up to something.

By: John Haefke