paige holding dog

I’M NOT A QUITTER. “If you fall off a horse, you get back up. I’m not a quitter,” quote by Olivia Wilde. This quote inspires Paige to never give up and to keep pushing through. 

Elizabeth Paige Woodyard was born on March 13, 2003 and is the daughter of Ryan and Jaqi Woodyard. Paige has an older brother, Logan, and a younger sister, Payton. Throughout high school, Paige has participated in cross country for four years and has also been a manager for volleyball and basketball for four years. She has also been involved in art club for two years.  

“Paige has the biggest heart for anybody and will stand up for anybody who is having a bad day. She has a huge heart for anyone,” says Mrs. Haefke. Throughout high school, Mrs. Haefke has influenced Paige and has always been there for her. Mrs. Haefke is sad about seeing Paige leave, but is excited to see the great things she’ll do and accomplish. Advice Mrs. Haefke gives to Paige after high school is, “Persevere with anything you do and keep working because you will get very good at it.” 

Paige’s favorite memory at Valley Heights High School was, “watching the complete solar eclipse as a whole school on the football field.” Many people know Paige as being a kind-hearted soul, but there are some things many people don’t know. Just a few things Paige does not like are spinach and the cold. 

In 2020, Paige was in an ATV accident. Paige went through a lot and overcame many obstacles. “An accomplishment I am most proud of is surviving my wreck and overcoming everything I went through. It showed me just how strong I am.” “Paige seems really quiet to most, but on the inside, she is someone who is really strong and who perseveres through a lot and continues to persevere through things,” says Mrs. Steinfort, Paige's seminar teacher. Throughout her life, Paige has had many people influence her. “My mom has influenced me the most. She can always give me answers to any of my questions.” 

After high school, Paige plans to move away and get a job. She has many future dreams and goals, one of them being to get married and start a family. “In 10 years, I can see Paige married, having a family, and doing something with animals and using her love for them,” says Mrs. Steinfort. As Paige leaves her mark on the community at Valley Heights, she wants to be remembered as “being a great manager for the Valley Heights Girls Basketball and volleyball team.”

Article by Taya Smith