Celina, Sophomore, working on her last art project.

BEST FOR LAST. #MustangTough.

“I’ve had so much fun in art class this year, I’ve grown so much as an artist and I hope to continue doing so in college!” exclaimed Senior, Claire Nolte. Throughout the 2021 to 2022 school year, the art students at Valley Heights have created amazing work. From being shown on the hallway walls to being taken to contests, these extraordinarily unique pieces have captured the attention of many. Students have been working on skills by going over projects such as imagination, still life, figures, and portraits. 

For several weeks, the art students have been working diligently, sharpening their skills to start their final art piece of the year. For this final project, the artists will be focusing on the human profile. Detailing the eyes, nose, lips, and face shape as much as possible.

 “I love doing this project because it can really show how anyone can make amazing work!” proclaimed Kaci Smith, Art Instructor. For this, the students have been given free control of their pieces, including what materials they use, their inspiration, and even what poses they choose. This, just like many other projects, is one of the many reasons the students here at Valley Heights enroll in as many art classes as possible. 

Article by Taylor Crook