Khloe Gunn and Haily Stoudt preparing meal for culinary service


On September fifteenth, Jennifer Pacha, culinary teacher, will be hosting the first 22-23 Rotary at Valley Heights High School. Mrs. Pacha says, “My favorite part is the great experience for students to produce a meal from start to finish, follow proper sanitation techniques, and learn to serve the proper way. These are life skills that they can carry on for their entire lives and use in multiple ways.” 

One organization that gets to be on the receiving end of meals created and served in the high school FAC’s kitchen is Rotary. Rotary is a service where businesses come together once a week to be involved with the community and schools and come enjoy delicious food and interact with others. In addition, Rotary attendees pay for this service and meals are held in Mrs. Pacha’s classroom, Starting at noon and endsing around 1 o’clock. The small profit that is left over will go back into the culinary classroom. 

Alexis Miller, junior, says, “My favorite meal we’ve prepared  was chili and cheesecake .This Thursday we are serving chicken parmesan, with a side of Caesar salad, and tiramisu as dessert.  Knowing I'm giving back to the community and businesses makes me feel the most accomplished when participating in Rotary.” 

Article by: Janelle Medina