Mr. Chase Green smiling for a pic

NEW TEACHER ON THE BLOCK. “Excuses are the nails that built the house of failure.” This is a quote that is close to the heart of new Valley Heights science teacher Chase Green. “This is a quote that I live by and always use to stress the importance of not making excuses,” says Green.

Chase Green was born in Marysville, Kansas. He attributes his teaching career to his brother Cale Green. “My brother Cale was the main reason I got into teaching in the first place." Another reason he was inspired to teach was his coaches and teachers. “I also had really good teachers and coaches. And seeing how they cared for the students not only in school, but out of school also.”

Mr. Green got his degree at Washburn University and is going through the Transition-to-Teaching program at Fort Hays State University. He also says that his brother was a big reason he applied to teach at Valley Heights. “Just meeting Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Palmgren and how they treat the new teachers, was very welcoming.”

Article By: Tyrel Wagner