A.Toerber, L. Busey, K.Gunn, and T. Miller pose for a picture on future day.


“Going to a high school dance for the first time is nerve racking, but exciting at the same time,” says Ella Swearingen, freshman. High school dances are an exciting and engaging time in a high schooler’s career. For many students, it is one activity that they look forward to all year. “I’m excited for this dance because it's the first dance of my last year of high school, and it will be fun,” says senior, Kendelle Sweet.

A lot of work goes into planning the dance. Student Council has been planning this dance since the beginning of August. Alexis Miller, FCCLA representative, says, “I’m excited for this year's dance because it never fails to be a great time.” Following the high school football game against the Trojans, the dance will start at 9:00 pm Friday, September 16, with doors closing at 10:00 pm, and will go until 11:30 p.m.

Article by: Harmony Conti