FRESH STUNTS. “Cheering on my best friends on the field and court brings me so much joy,” says Cheer Captain, Maecyn Gunn.  The cheerleaders attended a three day long UCA Cheer Camp this summer. “The squad learned several new stunts.  Cheer camp vastly helped the cheerleaders be more uniform,” says Coach, Katlen Schreiner.  The squad performed one of their routines at the first football game against Centralia, to display new skills they learned.

This year is the largest cheer squad in Valley Heights history, consisting of 18 girls. “Since we have more cheerleaders than previous years, we are capable of performing difficult stunts,” says Captain, Maecyn Gunn. The squad has done multiple fundraisers. These helped to pay for new uniforms.  Sophomore, Haily Stoudt says,“I’m excited to cheer on the Mustangs to many more victories this year.”

Article by Khloe Gunn