Valley Heights is welcoming our new AG teacher, Mr. David Graham. Mr. Graham is a graduate from North Central High School. His high school career was involved around FFA and he has enjoyed it since then. He went to college at the University of Nebraska. He then transferred and graduated from Kansas State University.. 

When asked who influenced Mr. Graham to teach AG, he said, “First and foremost, my AG teacher. Both of my parents taught, and four or five of my aunts and uncles taught.” What Mr. Graham likes most about teaching AG is the variety. He can change it up on any day. He can do welding, engines, flower design, meats, animals, and crops 

Mr. Graham has been teaching since 1999. He has taught at other schools, but decided to come here because of the great community, great location, and friendliness of teachers and staff. He thinks that he can apply his skills like welding  to the students here. He explains his experience so far this year by saying, “It has been very fast paced. I am still getting used to block scheduling, but it is going well so far.”  Ben Agranbright says, “AG has been so fun this year, I can't wait for competitions.” 

Article By: Tayra Lecuyer