Kids standing during presentation at the fire house.

LEARNING YOUNG. “Learning fire safety at a young age is crucial because the children need to understand what to do in the event of a fire, who is going to help them and how they should respond,” said Justine DeBoer. The Preschool and Kinder-Prep classes visited the Waterville Fire Station to learn about fire safety. Brandon Bargdill  and Dane Parker gave a presentation about the equipment firemen use, fire trucks, and fire safety. 

Brandon dressed up in all of the firefighter gear so the students could see what he looks and sounds like with the air tank and mask. He did this so that they would not be scared and hide from a firefighter who is trying to rescue them. “The students loved having a visit from the fire department. I think their favorite parts were climbing through the truck and hearing the sirens and horn,” exclaimed Mrs. DeBoer. 

Article by Kadence Pierson