Jacob Sweet in his Senior Photos

THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF. “If you look in the mirror and don’t see the best version of yourself, then you better see the hardest working version of yourself,” quote by Chris Bumstead. This quote is a favorite of Jacob Sweet because it tells you to work hard and try your hardest no matter what you see in the mirror.

Jacob Sweet was born on June 15, 2005 in Waterville, Kansas. He is the son of Tanya and Heath Sweet. His only sibling is his sister, fellow senior Kendelle Sweet. Jacob’s ideal Friday night would be playing football during the season, hanging out with his family, and going to WalMart with his cousin. His favorite song is “Changed” by Deftones. Jacob’s favorite food is his mom’s meatloaf.

Jacob has been involved in Art and Football for four years, FFA for three years, Band for two years, and Robotics and Golf for 1 year. Jacob’s plans to finish his classes at Highland Community College and search for a welding job after graduating high school. Jacob says his biggest impact on his life is his mom. “She’s always been there for me while teaching me how to be a hard worker. She has helped me through the good and bad times.”  In ten years, Jacob sees himself being successful and having a high paying job welding on the east coast. One thing people might not know about Jacob is that he has lived in 13 states and visited over 20.

When Jacob leaves Valley Heights he wants to be remembered as someone who was sweet (literally), hardworking, and a strong person. An accomplishment he is most proud of obtaining a squat max of 475 lbs and a bench press max of 255 lbs. Jacob’s advice to underclassmen is to get your work turned in on time. A memory he will never forget is the time that Robbie Stryker wore jeans and a flannel shirt under his football pants and pads during a cold practice.

When asked about how Jacob has matured over the years, Mr. Broxterman details, “Jacob is not the same person as he was as a Freshman. I’ve taught from seventh grade to now so I’ve seen six years of maturing.” Mr Broxterman adds, “He’s become so goal oriented and he has such a good plan for his future.” Mr. Broxterman’s advice for Jacob is, “Stay focused and on the grind to finish your schooling. Stay on that path and you’re bound for success.”

Article By: Tyrel Wagner