Jesse Medina working as the new Board Clerk

I’M HAPPY TO BE HERE, "Don't watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going,” quoted by Sam Leveson. In October, Valley Heights High School welcomed a new member to the faculty. Jesse Medina, son of Steven Medina and Mary Medina, is the new Board Clerk at Valley Heights. 

Jesse Medina is the oldest of 4 children; Isacc, Inez, and Janelle Medina. His family moved to Waterville, Kansas from California in 2007. “I was in the sixth grade when we moved and followed through my high school career at Valley Heights, and graduated in 2013 with my brother Isacc.” After graduating high school, Jesse went to college at Kansas State University. He then graduated and worked at K-State for six years before coming to work at Valley Heights.  

Jesse works as the Board Clerk in the central office, located in Valley Heights High School. Not only is it a shorter commute from home, but he now has his own son who is a part of the Valley Heights community. When asked what the board clerk is in charge of Jesse says, “I take the board meeting minutes when the school has a board meeting every month, process payroll, and welcome new employees by setting them up so they get paid and submit time off if they need to.” Valley Heights has been very welcoming to Jesse, from the district office to the staff and teachers. “Everyone seems to be happy that I’m here, and I’m happy to be here.” Jesse looks forward to learning more behind the scenes of how the district works. 

Article by; Janelle Medina