BEHIND THE LENS. Many people do not know the story of photographers, people see the photos they take, but they may not know their story. 

Articles have the author’s name at the end, but pictures usually do not have any credit at all. Some photographers want to be in the limelight while others prefer to be less known. Regardless of that, the story of photographers is often unknown. 

Katlen Schriener, who is a professional photographer said, “photography is my creative outlet, taking pictures is one thing but editing them and making them come to life is probably my favorite thing. The main way I get recognition is through word of mouth through my clients.” 

“I don’t really care about any recognition, I am already well known in a lot of sports, so I don’t care that much if I don’t get much credit for my photos. I like to take pictures because I want to add variety to journalism,” said Junior Tyrel Wagner. 

Article by Liam N. Shill