DREAM CHASER. “The best is yet to come.” This quote reminds Kaylee that as long as you keep working towards where you want to be, you will get there. In that process, you will also see growth from where you started. 

Kaylee Marie Skalla was born to parents Kurt and Cheyrl Skalla, on June 21, 2005. Kaylee is the oldest in her family with three other siblings: Olivia, Riley, and Jase. Throughout Kaylee’s life, her mom has had a great impact on her. Her mom is one of the most hardworking people she knows and she always pushes Kaylee to be her best. She has also taught Kaylee so many things about life in general. Kaylee will always look highly of her mom. 

Throughout high school, Kaylee has participated in numerous activities. She has been involved in basketball, FFA, All School Play, FCA, and FCCLA for four years; volleyball and NHS for three years; Journalism, Mustang Tough, and Cheer for two years; and Stucco, Forensics, and Band for one year. Outside of school, Kaylee has been involved in 4H for 10 years. She has done many events through 4H, some that have helped shape the person she is today. She is also an active member at Saint Monica-Saint Elizabeth Catholic Church. With May approaching at a faster rate than expected, Kaylee advises the underclassmen and younger children to take things moment by moment. “Soak everything in because it goes by way faster than you think and you will miss it,” says Skalla. In Kaylee’s time at Valley Heights, she has had a lot of fun and made many memories and friendships. “My favorite high school memory was my junior year of basketball. I made so many memories throughout the season and gained many new friendships that I will forever cherish,” says Skalla. 

After high school, Kaylee plans on attending Kansas State University and pursuing a degree in Ag Business and minoring in Animal Science. “Kaylee is a very social person and tends to have a smile on her face, while being kind-hearted to others. If you continue your work ethic, you will be able to do whatever you set your mind to. Also find the people that make you the happiest and keep them in your circle,” advises mentor, Mr. Broxterman. With a strong work ethic, Skalla has high hopes and goals for the future. In the future, Kaylee hopes to be endeavoring in her dream job. She also sees herself having a family of her own. “Kaylee is unique because she is very driven and when she sets her mind to things, she gets it done. She is very kind-hearted and also has a very very strong work ethic. With her strong work ethic, in 10 years, I see her being very successful and excelling in whatever she pursues.” says cheer coach, Mrs. Schreiner. 

Many people know Kaylee through her involvement inside and outside of school. There are many things people don’t know about Kaylee. Since growing up on a farm, she has had many things come her way. She has gotten chased by cows a lot and has even been flown in the air by one. Her ideal Friday night is driving around with friends and listening to music. When driving around, you can find Kaylee listening to her favorite song, “Come As You Are” by Zach Bryan. Skalla’s favorite food is steak and baked or cheesy potatoes. She will also never turn down an opportunity to eat at Raising Canes. 

Kaylee has impacted many throughout the community during her time at Valley Heights. “Kaylee is someone that will always say hi to everyone in the halls, even if she doesn’t know them. Even something small like that can make someone’s day or even their year. She is very genuine and when she speaks to people, you can always tell that she is actually listening to you,” says Mrs. Schreiner. “When I leave the Valley Heights Community, I want to be remembered as someone that was always there for people and was a nice and fun person to be around,” says Skalla. 

Article by Taya Smith