Harmony playing her flute.

I’VE GOT MUSIC. “Where words fail, music speaks,” Hans Christian Anderson. Music is a way of life for some people. So many different emotions can be portrayed through a single sheet of paper. From the notes and the speed of the music, all the way to something so small as a rest to skip a beat. “ Music is the way I get to keep the memory of my grandfather with me, because he loved music,” says Harmony Conti. Last year, the band played a piece of music called Chesford Portrait by James Swearingen, which is Harmony’s favorite piece of music she has played. When asked if she is thinking about pursuing music in the future she stated, “As a career, no; but after high school, I have considered it. There are many scholarships you can get for doing music but it will also give me something to do.”

“I am not throwing away my shot,” Audra Steinfort’s favorite quote from the hit musical Hamilton. She said it was her favorite because it shows how she wants to live her life and how she doesn't want to go through life scared. It reminds her to take full advantage of the opportunities that are thrown her way. “When I was younger, my mom would sing a song when I woke up and we would sing it together before I got ready for the day,” stated Audra. In the words of Louis Armstrong “Music is life itself.” 

Article By: Lillian Busey