FFA boys on hayrack ride

FALL FESTIVAL  “As you grow older, you discover that you have two hands: one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”  Jennifer Pacha has been an advisor to FCCLA for four years. FCCLA does many things for the community such as blood drives, Harvesters, collecting canned goods, and getting involved in this year's Fall Festival by doing a cake walk. The tradition started three years ago, this year being the fourth. Fall Fest took place on the Blue Rapids square October 23rd. Pacha says, “The reason behind this festival is to really give back to the community and it is also a way to get a lot of people involved, especially younger kids.” 

Marcy Manley has been the advisor for KAY for 12 years. KAY is the club running the Fall Festival, their activity was a giant tic-tac-toe. KAY also does the costume contest that is at the end of the night, with judges and prizes.  Mrs. Manley says the reason for the Fall Fest is to work together with the community while also getting the other businesses to participate. The businesses give the community so much and this is a way for the students to give back. 

Article by: Faye Jones